Thursday, October 30, 2008

Facebook Groups for Local Election - 2

A lot more facebook groups have appeared for the candidates in the last few weeks. There are some very powerful uses for this new tool. If you are an admin for a group, you have the power to send all the members messages. The groups also allow reasonable two way communication with supporters but is controlled enough that you can avoid being attacked online.

Very few people seem to be using this tool effectively as of yet. The one corelation I can see here is that the younger candidates seem to be the ones that make better use of this tool than the older ones. Sean McNulty in Central Saanich really has figured out how to use facebook for his campaign.

Facebook is good because people have to chose to join and therefore are have a higher degree of support of a candidate. This is a great tool to find volunteers and get people out to events.

Some people are using the support for a politician type page, I do not see those as effective campaign tools.

Here is the list of the ones I know about, if you know of others, please let me know:

City of Victoria


Oak Bay

  • Ali Gaul - 105 members and she has used facebook well to campaign
  • Lori King - 84 members and a good source of information
  • Jeremy Baker - 76 members rather quickly and he is using facebook to reach out.
  • Meagan Brame - 35 members and some information

Central Saanich


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