Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Saanich - Gulf Islands All Candidates Meeting Last Night

There was a lot said out there, the two things I want to raise about it are:

Gary Lunn has publicly stated he is in favour of electoral reform. He has done this numerous times before. He has also hosted several fundraisers here in BC for Fair Voting BC.

If electoral reform matters to you in Canada, you need someone at the cabinet table that will speak for it. Gary is not the only Conservative in favour.

Tell Gary you are voting for him because he is in favour of electoral reform.

Andrew Lewis made the important point that to change things people need to get active in pushing for change. He suggested people join Fair Vote Canada.

Briony Penn of the Liberals was in favour but had no details and I think was working from the assumption her position would be different than Gary's. The only thing she could add was that Stephane Dion is in favour of STV.

Of the three candidates, Andrew Lewis and Gary Lunn helped with the referendum in 2005, Briony Penn was not on the supporters lists or active that I knew of and I was coordinating most of the campaign out of house last time around.
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