Monday, October 27, 2008

Slates that are Running

In Saanich we have a slate centred around the mayor Frank Leonard with Susan Brice, Wayne Hunter, Leif Wergeland and Paul Gerrard rounding out the slate. I would call this a centre right community focused slate.

The Victoria Labour Council endorsements in someways create a defacto centre-left NDP slate through their endorsement of Judy Brownoff and Dean Murdock.

In Victoria we have a slate centred on Dean Fortin for mayor and Lynn Hunter and Pam Madoff for council this a strongly NDP identified slate.

We also have the Concerned Citizens Coalition running three candidates in Victoria, Patrick Jamison, Allen Jones and Gregory Hartnell.

The Greens are running two candidates for council, Sonya Chandler and Phillipe Lucas. Steve Filipovic is running for mayor as a Green.

There is an informal cooperation by a number of the candidates of the centre right in Victoria to send out information, Chris Coleman, Geoff Young, Charlayne Thorton-Joe and Rob Randall for council and Tom Ferris and Elaine Leonard for SD #61.

The VLC endorsed Zeb King and Sue Stroud and the two seem to be cooperating, though not a formal slate of any sort.

The North Saanich Voters Association has endorsed a slate of candidates, Ted Daly for Mayor and Sheilah Fea, Curtis Miles, Janet Rooke and Bob Shaw for council.
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