Monday, October 27, 2008

Full list of candidates

I finally have managed to have a full list of the candidates running for office in this region. My personal life has intervened and gotten in the way of updating things.

I do not have a list of the Saanich School District, I can not find out who is actually on the ballot in the Saanich area of SD#63. Also, once again the district has a lot of acclamations.

I am amazed that not every candidate has a website. How do they expect anyone to find out about them if we can not look up the information? I want to have link for each and every candidate, but you can see how few of them have made use of the web. It is so easy to start a facebook group or use blogger to create a web page that there is no excuse for anyone not having something online.

Candidates also need to make sure their signs have web addresses on them - only a name and nothing else really does not cut it. There has to be a way for people to find out more.

I am encouraged with how many more online resources there are in this election that are looking at the local elections. When I started this I had memories of 2005 when it was almost impossible to find out about who was running, let alone find anything out about them. Two chambers of commerce and several regional discussion boards are doing a good job of providing real information in this election. The Times Colonist has a local election blog, though not well set up in my opinion.
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