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This is the press release Vicki sent out yesterday. I should sit down with her and some more of the Saanich candidates, but I am having trouble getting excited about the election in Saanich as there are only 8 serious candidates running for office - yes there are a few others, but I would expect to see a lot more effort from them to date if they expect to get elected.



SAANICH – Vicki Sanders, Saanich Councillor and CRD committee member, is pleased to announce that she will be running for re-election as an independent during the upcoming Saanich Council election to be held November 15, 2008.

Vicki’s platform supports strong, safe communities, the environment, enhanced arts, culture and heritage and promoting an accessible government. Sanders states, “When I asked for your support in the last election, I told you that I believed a balanced approach was necessary to address the needs of residents, business and the environment. I also told you that I believe in sustainable long range planning. This year as I seek re-election, I will continue with the same approach, using my experience, my dedication and my community leadership to leave a lasting legacy for the Saanich Community”.

Over the past three years, serving as Saanich Councillor, Vicki has chaired the Environmental Advisory Committee, the Arts, Culture and Heritage Committee and served on the Saanich Council Finance and Personnel Committee. Vicki was also co-chair of the Administrative Traffic Committee, Council Liaison to Legislative Services, Saanich Silver Threads and Beacon Community Services.

Saanich Freeman John Pendray, retired farmer and businessman, former President of Island Farms Dairy says “I’ve been a member of the Saanich community for over fifty years. Vicki has impressed me with her business background and support of community affairs. She has demonstrated that she listens to the people of the community and works on their behalf. She has proven that she is a valuable Councillor and CRD committee member and deserves to be re-elected in 2008. I am pleased to support Vicki in her re-election”.

Re-elect Vicki and have her be Your Voice On Council, Continuing to Work for You.

About Vicki Sanders
Vicki Sanders brings more than 25 years of community service. She was a founding member of both the Camosun Community Association and the Quadra Cedar Hill Community Association. In addition to being president of QCHCA for six years, Vicki served as chair of the Saanich Community Association Network for five years.

Vicki is dedicated to the people of Saanich, and has deep roots in the community. Her pioneer family, Alexander and Mary Wilson, settled in Victoria in 1859. This legacy, along with the vision and values instilled in Vicki by her father, businessman Stan V. Wright, who founded the Stan V. Wright Ltd. magazine and book distribution company, has shaped a commitment to, and involvement in, Saanich. Vicki is married and has three children.

On November 15th, vote to RE-ELECT VICKI SANDERS.

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