Thursday, November 13, 2008

The Campaign on the Peninsula

I have not been able to really follow this campaign in any sort of the detail I would have liked to. I have no comments on Sidney at all.

The interesting races are in Central Saanich and North Saanich. In both cases the primary issue seems to be about the future development of the municipalities. I have not said who I support or do not support because I do not know the issues well enough to understand the implications of the visions of the candidates.

Save Our Rural Land is a blog that gives opinions on who they think is in favour of protecting rural land.

North Saanich Online is the best source I have found talking about the election there.

One of the few formal slates in this region in North Saanich, that being the North Saanich Association of Voters.

Central Saanich Vision
is a blog about the area.

Central Saanich has one of the visible candidate for mayor in Sean McNulty - few people have not seen his billboard on the Pat Bay Highway. Sean is also one of the youngest candidates running for office in the region.

Sue Stroud, running for council in Central Saanich, is someone I have known for many years. I know she is hard working and would be a good councilor, but I am not really in sync with her rural vision for the area.

I have found websites for almost all of the candidates in North Saanich, about half in Central Saanich and none in Sidney. Scroll down the right hand side for the links.
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