Monday, November 03, 2008

I am feeling spoiled

I had started this process of trying to get some coverage of the local elections as an exercise for my own benefit and that of a few friends. I had not expected things to go as they have with as many readers of the blog as there have been.

I am feeling spoiled because I am getting to meet so many of the candidates in person and talk with them over a coffee or a beer. In 2005 I had trouble being able to find out much about the candidates, this time I am getting to know as much as I want, I have not had to go to the all candidates meetings.

All in all, I am impressed with how many good people are running for council in all the areas of the region. But the problem remains there are simply too many people running for too many councils and no easy way for people to find out about them. As an example, the phone call I just got from Rob Wickson, candidate for Saanich council.

I have not had time to read his website in detail, and frankly it did not tell me as much as a few moments on the phone did. He and I are going to meet for a drink tomorrow evening so that I can talk with him about his campaign - feel free to join us at 7:30 pm Tuesday at the Gorge Pointe pub. Just in the process of the phone call I found out enough about him to make me much more interested in him. We know a number of people in common and he lives in my neighbourhood. He was instrumental in the Tillicum - Gorge - Burnside design charrette process in 2003. I am interested, unfortunately his website did not catch my interest in the same way.

I am curious to see where our meeting leads to, more on this tomorrow.
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