Sunday, November 09, 2008

Why I Would Vote for Rob Wickson

Rob Wickson is running for Saanich council. Last night we both met at the Gorge Pointe Pub for a beer so I could get to meet him.

I came in and saw that he had a Guinness in front of him - my winter beer of choice and a quick indication that we may have a lot in common. As we got into our conversation, it became clear that we do approach local politics in a very similar manner and agree on a lot.

What really impressed me is that Rob wants Saanich and the whole region to strive to be the best, for Greater Victoria to be what the world thinks of when they think of Canada. He has a passion to push our city to be great. He is not interested in settling for doing alright and maintaining where we are at.

He has not been on council, but he has been connected to politics long enough to know what is possible and what is not possible for a council to do. He has an energy and passion that would help boost the Saanich council to the next level.

I am also predisposed to him because he lives in my neighbourhood and have been very involved with the local community for years. His involvment with Smart Growth BC lead to some interesting local community design processes. These plans need to be implemented.

We also both studied history at UVic for the same reasons, the upper level seminar courses forced you to think, debate and analysis the material. We shared our Peter Baskerville stories - Peter expected excellence in critical thinking from students and for me defined the best of what a university education should be.

Rob is left of centre on some issues, but he is also a successful businessman that has headed the BC Chamber of Commerce. He wants to move us beyond the car based culture. He cycles most places. He is connected to a lot of New Democrats, but he certainly is not ideologically tied to the NDP.

I recommend voting for Rob. Check out his website for more about him.
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