Thursday, April 30, 2009

I will post any campaign press releases or such if I get them in my inbox

This is from the Rob Fleming campaign:


Hi friends,
I just wanted to let you in on an interesting development in this constituency.
The Liberal candidate has disappeared from the campaign, and has been replaced by none other than Gordon Campbell.
After some poor media coverage, the Liberal's "hand-picked" candidate for Victoria-Swan Lake has gone into hiding or has been gagged by the BC Liberals.
Instead, Gordon Campbell has been seen in the region recently, doing the campaigning for him. The corporate-funded Liberal machine is also pumping high-priced tv ads into local televisions.
And who do the local ads profile? Gordon Campbell, not the local candidate.
More than ever, our campaign needs to work hard to ensure Rob Fleming gets re-elected.
I'm sure we're going to see Gordon Campbell back in the region, and I'm sure we're going to see many more slick and expensive Campbell ads on TV.
With less than two weeks left to go, any support you can offer will be greatly appreciated.
Whether it's 30 minutes or 3 hours volunteering, and whether it's five dollars or five hundred dollars, your help will be a major factor in helping get Rob back to the legislature - this time perhaps as a Minister.
Please see our contact info and a great list of fun events below, including a Debate Watching Party and Barbecue on Sunday. Hope to see you there.
Edward May
Campaign Manager
for the Rob Fleming Re-Election Campaign

Authorized by Jamie Dopp, financial agent 250-598-1524

Phone number: 250-381-8883 | 735 Cloverdale Ave., Victoria, BC
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