Monday, April 13, 2009

Proposed Interechange at the Airport

There are numerous locations in this region I would have chosen for a new interchange than at the airport.

  • Mackenzie and Hwy #1
  • Sayward Road and Hwy #17
  • Hwy#1 and Westshore Parkway
  • Haliburton and Hwy#17

If the issue is getting people to and from the airport, there are things that are more important to be done first. There needs to be an express bus connections to and from downtown from the airport.

Right now I have three options from getting to the airport
  • By car - someone drops me or I park the car there.
  • By taxi - a total net cost of about $140 for me to do this.
  • By airporter bus - $36 per person, or $180 for my family - the ariporter also means I have to walk about a mile to my house.
None of these options are ideal.

If there was an express bus, it would be a lot cheaper to get to and from the airport and it would mean no need to deal with the hassles of getting a ride out to the airport or having to leave a vehicle there.

The airport is offering $3 000 000 towards the interchange, how much are they offering to improve transit?

Ultimately the airport and the ferry terminal offer this region one of the few candidate routes that make even some sense for running a light rail system.
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