Saturday, May 02, 2009

The Blue Bridge

I would like to see the city make the bridge a P3, design, build and operate. I would also like to see the city toll the bridge.

You automatically toll through transponders on cars or you people have to pay in person. You offer transponders to people living in the city of Victoria and rent them out to people living outside of the city. I would charge $1 per crossing if you are using the transponder and $2 if you are paying in cash. I would make it a large fine if you do not pay the toll. I would rent the transponders out at about $20 per month.

The tolls would move the burden of the costs of the bridge onto the people that use it and off of the people that do not. I like the idea of user pay for services from government, to much of how we operate governments does not fairly distribute the costs.

Tolls would also encourage more walking, biking and transit use.
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