Tuesday, December 08, 2009

Dogwood Line

The Victoria Transit Commission is considering a new bus service from Downtown to UVic that will be a limited stop service like the B-Lines are in Metro Vancouver. This new bus service will be named the Dogwood Line.

This service will start on January 4th and should dramatically improve the speed from Downtown to UVic. It will only be running during peak hours, but it should quickly show if it is useful or not.

On the same day the new #10 bus on Bay Street will also start to operate, pending approval from the city of Victoria that the street can handle it.

The new #12 University Heights - UVic and #13 Caboro Bay - UVic have both been over subscribed. There either needs to be more community buses on the routes or there needs to be full size buses on the routes for some of the day. I am still curious that there is enough demand for the #13 given that the #11 covers much of the same area.
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