Friday, February 19, 2010

Seedy Saturday

I was supposed to be camping at Mount Washington this weekend so I was going to have to miss Seedy Saturday. I have been out of town for the last three years for this event. I am glad to be here this year.

I am particularly looking forward to the session on fruit tree pruning put on by Philip Young of Glendale Gardens. Over the years I have made some messes of trees by not really knowing when and what I am doing. In my defense, the last two places I lived I had to do a lot recovery work on trees that were there. I did some good work and I did some butchering. Some of the plum trees I had in Lillooet were beyond saving, but I was really just learning and had over forty trees to recover out of the bush. I did a much better job getting the apple trees on Balfour Street back into some semblance of happiness but they needed another couple of years of work when I moved out.

I am also interested in the session with Brock Mcleod and Heather Walker of Makaria Farm talking about growing your own grain. My own experiment mainly suffered from not knowing how to thresh and winnow the damn stuff.

Marilyn Soames will be talking about keeping urban chickens, I may drop in on that, but I am not sure there is much for to learn from that.

When I have been in the past there have been some very interesting display booths and some interesting seeds available in the seed swap. I have nothing to offer for the seed swap that I have saved, I have not been saving seeds since I left Lillooet. I could offer some of the scarlet runner beans I have, I bought a lot more last year than I could use.

It is well worth the $7 admission if you are intending on doing any sort of gardening, they even have a session on growing food in a container put on by Jacqueline Bradbury of Garden Arts.

Just going to hear the keynote speaker, Brian Minter of Minter Gardens would be worth the price of admission for me. I have been listening to him for years on CBC Almanac
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