Tuesday, March 30, 2010

The Insanity of how UVic is Dealing with Rabbits

Back when I was at UVic there were no rabbits on campus, it was VGH that had the rabbit problem. Since then UVic has been the centre of a rabbit plague.

Lately they wanted to try and manage the rabbits through capture, sterilization and adoption. After 51 rabbits and $17,743 this program has ended. If I were a student at UVic, I would be appalled at this expense. The ongoing cost of the rabbits is also not free. It is time for some group like VIPIRG to do some research and analysis on what it is costing UVic to have these rabbits infesting the campus.

The 15oo or so rabbits on the campus are an introduced species and need to be completely removed. Killing them is hardly a horrible thing to do given that almost all of us eat meat and accept the death of huge numbers of animals for that purpose.

The 1500 rabbits could be trapped and then killed with the meat going to the food banks. Allow people to come the campus on weekends and trap rabbits for their own food needs.

Whatever is done, the University has a fiduciary obligation to the students to manage their financial resources well. Spending a fortune on a few rabbits is not my idea of looking after the interests of the students getting an education.
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