Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Overall Zoing Problem for the City of Victoria

As I review documents so that I make comments about the direction for the City of Victoria OCP, I discovered an interesting factoid. The City of Victoria has a maximum capacity of 95,700 people based on the current zoning that is in place across the the city. This piece of information comes from the 2004 City of Victoria Population Projections 1971-2026, found on this page.

The problem with this limit is that the population of the city has grown significantly faster than anticipated. The current population is estimated to be 83,000 but only a few years ago it was estimated it would only about 78,000 at this time. At the current projections of growth, the City will reach zoning capacity in 2023.

This one fact alone makes the need for a new OCP utterly crucial. To deal with the coming limits to zoning, there needs to be some serious considerations of changes to the city to deal with this problem. The OCP will have to have enough vision to find places where the more housing can be built and push for denser zoning.
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