Thursday, June 17, 2010

The Bridge

Council today decided to go forward with a non-rail bridge option for both replacement and refurbishment.   I am very glad to hear that sanity prevails.

Of all the futures I can imagine in the next fifty years, there is none that has the E&N line being used for any significant passenger rail.   In any case, ending at the roundhouse in Vic West is actually a better place because you can better connect to buses there than at the corner of Store and Pandora.

I believe that the council will chose the refurbishment option because they are smart enough to know that the new bridge option will not be able to pass a referendum.  Refurbishment comes with a big crowd of avid supporters that will campaign for a Yes vote.  Given the number of people that signed the counter petition, the refurbishment option will win by a landslide.

So what we are looking at is a debt of something in the order of $60 million for the City.   What will the City do to ensure that this is firm cap?   What will they do to reduce that number?  
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