Tuesday, August 31, 2010

2006 Census and the local Federal Ridings

There is a very interesting dataset on Pundits Guide which allows you to look at the 308 Canadian ridings through the lens of the data from the 2006 census.   I am going to highlight some interest factoids about the three local ridings


  • 5th lowest number of people under the age of 15 with only 10.1%
  • 26th highest median age at 45.3 
  • Tied for fourth smallest family size at 2.6 people
  • 7th highest number of people with no religion at 40.5% (the top 27 are all in BC, we seem to be much, much less religious than the rest of the country)
  • 6th highest commuters by walking of biking 29.44%
  • 9th lowest number of people with unpaid hours looking after children 27.97%
  • 13th highest average value of dwelling at $507,716

Saanich Gulf Islands

  • 19th lowest in under 15 years olds with 12.7%
  • Has the highest median age in Canada at 48.3
  • tied for 7th smallest family size at 2.7 people
  • 21st highest number of people with no religion at 35.2%
  • 4th highest rate of working in a different municipality than where they live 60.99%
  • 9th lowest number of Catholics at 14.62%
  • 11th highest value of dwelling $531,843

Esquimalt Juan de Fuca

  • 141st in under 15 year olds with 16.4%
  • 126th oldest median age at 41.4
  • Tied for 38th smallest family size 2.8 people
  • 8th highest number of people with no religion at 39.2%
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