Monday, August 23, 2010

Gyro Park in Cadboro Bay

Saanich is considering doing some serious upgrading to Gyro park at Cadboro Bay.  

The scope of the proposed changes would seem to make the park much more than the beach and the sailboats.   There seems to be plans on introducing a natural fresh water feature.  Also there will be some sort of a community plaza/promenade.  If the plan goes ahead, the park will be much more inviting for the public to use and will also offer more space for public events.

At the moment the park is drastically underused, it consists primarily of a large field of grass.  It is vastly underused.

One thing the plan seems to remove is the Scout hall, is this really a good idea in an era when people seem to want to get kids to go outside and Scouts are one of the few groups that actually do this.

The one thing that is missing is any attempt to add more trees.   I raise this because Saanich is working on an urban forest strategy but is not considering this issue within their own parks.   The current grassy area could be made into a primarily forested area.  Having a lot of trees adds to the fun kids can have in the park especially in the winter when the beach is anything but inviting.
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