Friday, September 03, 2010

Fringe Festival - Canning Season

Last night we went to watch Canning Season: A Fun Frolicking Variety Hour.  In classic Fringe fashion, the title and one paragraph blurb not only did not tell you about the show, it actually mislead you.  That said, we liked it.

The production is by two women from Vancouver, Lani Claxton and another woman who we did not catch the name of.   The production had moments of brilliance and some moments of very subtle underlying humour that could be very easily missed.

What was the actual content?   That does not matter, it was a classic one performer doing numerous different personas, though this time with the sidekick.

The main performer was wonderfully over the top with her various characters, but for both of us it was the sidekick off in the corner on the Theremin that stole the show for us.  She had his perfect body humour for the production and could make us crack up with the nuances of her face.

These two women are close to having something truly great, with some work it could be there.

At the end of the day it was worth the $11 each to see the production.
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