Saturday, October 02, 2010

I live in Greater Victoria, not the CRD

The name Capital Regional District is ugly and a moronic one to have chosen.  Names matter because they form our identity.   There is no one on this plant that thinks of themselves as a CRDer or considers the CRD home.   We need to change the name to one that reflects where we live.

A few years ago the province started to allow regional districts control over their names with the result that Metro Vancouver has replaced GVRD.   We need to do the same with CRD now and we need to use the name that we all agree is this place -Victoria.

The CRD should be changed to Greater Victoria.  In fact as people we could start this change by refusing to use the name CRD and only using Greater Victoria.

I can hear some of you saying "but Bernard, what about the Gulf Islands?"  There is a simple answer, the southern Gulf Islands should be there own local government and free from the soi-distant mandarins in downtown Victoria and those of the Islands Trust.   The Islands need some real control over their own fate instead of being relegated to a colonial model of governance.
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