Sunday, October 31, 2010

North Saanich - Wally du Temple

I met up with Wally at the Beacon and Eggs in Sidney at lunch on Friday.  I had met Wally in the past through some shared provincial political activities, but it has been well over a decade since I last saw him.

Wally du Temple is an interesting man that has does many things in his life.   Long time local resident, outdoorsman, golfer, environmentalist, Esperanto speaker, owner of Ardmore golf course, and on various local boards.

Wally was elected to North Saanich council from 1996 to 1998 but was not successful in re-election.  I was not around here during that time so I do not know what happened and why he did not win again.   I also do not know how he was as a councilor.

Wally is heavily involved with the Mary Winspear Centre and the society that runs it, the Memorial Park Society.  One of the changes he would like to see is a closer cooperation and more support from all the local governments on the Peninsula of the Memorial Park Society and combine this with the Panorama Recreation society.

He also would like to see some better cooperation and regionalization of some aspects of policing.   As he points out, the crime happens region wide, but there is no region wide investigative service of the police.

Close to his heart are protecting and preserving the farming community of North Saanich.   Also, he has a very strong environmental ethic and sees it as important that North Saanich protect its shoreline.

In talking with him it is clear he knows what is involved with being elected to local government.  He is also open to hearing new information and acting on it, a very important value for a local councilor.  

If I lived in North Saanich, odds are very high that Wally would get one of my two votes.  I only hedge because I know nothing at all about several of the candidates and should not make a definitive statement without finding out a bit more.

There is an All Candidates meeting coming on November 9th at the Saanich Presbyterian church, this is your best chance to hear the candidates and make a decision.
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