Thursday, November 25, 2010

The snow

Conditions on Gorge Road at 8:30am
no evidence of plowing
I was on the roads this morning at 7 taking Daniel to school for jazz band.    The snow had been falling since 10 pm the night before.   That is 9 hours and I saw virtually no evidence of any plowing in main roads.   I have driven Harriet from my house to Gorge,  Gorge all the way from Harriet to Admirals, Tillicum from Craigflower to Burnside, Burnside from Tillicum to Harriet,  and Craigflower from the road to Esquimalt high to Tillicum.  Not a single one of these roads have been plowed.  

Someone that manage to spin out and
completely destroy their front end

So what are they waiting for?    Do they have not have plow attachments for their trucks?   This should have been done before 7 am this morning and should be on going at the moment.   There are numerous accidents that would have been avoided if the roads had been plowed.  Transit would also be running better today.
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