Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Tattersall is finally going to get an upgrade

Tattersall has been rough road that does not meet the needs of this region.  It has been patched over and over again, it has a hardpacked and dusty parking lane on the north side which is not a nice place to walk or cycle.  It sounds like Saanich is going to finally go ahead with the upgrade to the street.

The plans to do something have been on the table for more than six years now, though I am not sure how much $3.2 million will get you other than nice pavement.   It sounds like there will be more sidewalks, but I am not certain they will be proper ones and on both sides.

The street would benefit from being made a four lane street, but given the move against lanes for traffic around the region, I highly doubt this improvement will come.

One thing I hope would come of this is an improvement to Cecilia Creek.   There is a short surface stretch right at Tattersall, it would be nice to improve access to the creek and maybe even consider taking the creek out of the pipe and make some form of bridge.
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