Thursday, February 03, 2011

Oak Bay Gordon Head Recall fails

The organizers have announced that they will not achieve their goal of 15,368 signatures.  They have said they managed to get half that number , a total of 8818 signatures.

This result is quite a failure as there were 11,316 people that voted for the NDP in the riding in 2009 and they ended about 2500 signatures short of this.  Even more surprising is that the recall campaign could not even reach the same number of signatures submitted during the Anti-HST petition process which was 8997, though only 7266 were verified.

What is most interesting is that the campaign did manage to collect half their signatures in the first two weeks, this is even more front loaded than I thought the process would be.   The 25 days seem to only have brought in another 1800 signatures, less than either of the first two weeks.
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