Friday, February 25, 2011

Sidewalk shoveling

Victoria, Saanich and Esquimalt all claim to have by-laws on the books that mean you will get a fine if you do not shovel your sidewalk promptly after a snowfall.   None of them seem to do anything about it according to this Times Colonist article.

I decided to send the following letter to the City of Victoria at teh following email address

So how do you go about getting sidewalks shoveled? As in what needs to be done so that you will ticket the people that have not shoveled? 
The majority of properties in my neighbourhood, Burnside Gorge, have made no effort to shovel the sidewalk. It is bad governance to have a by-law and then not enforce it, it only encourages a disrespect of government and civil society. 
I can send you a list of houses, apartments/condos in my neighbourhood that are now 48 hours overdue in shoveling. Would you like me to list them all and send you pictures? I would be happy to see you ticket them all, 1000 tickets like that would bring in an extra $150,000 to the City making my tax burden lower.
I will start taking the pictures and documenting the properties this morning, I assume that you can still ticket them next week after the snow is gone.
If you are not planning on doing any enforcement, I would like to send a bill for shoveling City property to you. It is only fair that you pay people that actual do the work for the City to keep sidewalks clear if you are not going to enforce the bylaw.

Bernard von Schulmann

I encourage others to register complaints.  

In Saanich at
In Esquimalt at
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