Monday, February 28, 2011

Why not four lanes?

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I was driving on Helmcken road the other day and shortly after VGH it goes from four lanes to two lanes and often has very long lines of cars moving at a slow pace.   I also noticed that the space is there to make the road four lane all the way to where it merges with Wilkinson.   Why not have four lanes all the way there?

I know that Wilkinson would be an issue to four lane to the intersection with Interurban, but there is enough space to make it four lane if you get creative.  There are six houses that would need some help because they would be fronting a large street.

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There is a clear demand for the road to be a larger one and the world will not come to an end if you provide better roads within the city.  The lack of a larger road means I simply avoid the whole neighbourhood between 3pm and 6pm weekdays.   There are restaurants there that do not get business from me because of traffic issues.
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