Thursday, March 31, 2011

April 14 - The Natural City - A Visionary Call to Action

This is a talk being given by Saanich Councilor Vic Derman on April 14th at 7:30 pm at Reynold High School.

This is an event hosted by Saanich South MLA Lana Popham.    I am more and more impressed with her desire to spark debate and to host chances for the public to hear new ideas.   She is one of the best MLAs I have seen.

My plan is to go to this event, though I am not 100% I can make it.

I am interested in the ideas Vic Derman has about how to make the city more livable, I am just not sure about his ability to govern well and if he is able to step out of his ideological frame of reference.

Will he be talking about the municipality of Saanich or will he be talking about our city that we all live in?   I am concerned about his allegiance to the concept of Saanich as it currently exists.

I also worry about the name "Natural City" - for us to have a fully functioning city we need to have things that most people do not think of.   We need decent roads to move goods and we need industrial land, in the case of Saanich, they need to find hundreds of acres of new industrial land now.  

The lack of industrial land means we have fewer blue collar jobs in this region and this means we have more inequality than we should in this region.

I will try to go and I will see what comes of it all.
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