Thursday, March 31, 2011

Why I will be voting for Patrick Hunt in Victoria

I have known Patrick for some years on and off, never close enough to call him friend, but someone that is an acquittance.   My experience of him has always been positive.   I have waffling and I should not have been because one of his most important issues is the same as mine and we are close agreement.

The single biggest reason I will be voting for him is that there is no one else running for MP in this region that has been as a strong a supporter of electoral reform as Patrick has been.    He was there in 2005 and 2009 to support the campaign for a Yes vote here in BC for electoral reform.   The only other candidate that I know of that was active in supporting electoral reform out of the 13 people I know of that are running for MP in the three ridings is Gary Lunn.  

Patrick is truly a reformer in the completely and total sense of the word.   He wants to reform our democracy and he is passionate about it.   He is also by nature a populist and considers the people more important than the political party.   He had experience as an MLA in Nova Scotia so he knows the party discipline issue.

Electing him would mean one more voice in Ottawa pushing for a better democracy, none of the other candidates running in Victoria has a strong a track record as he does in pushing for this.

I would vote for Patrick no matter what party he was part of.
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