Thursday, June 23, 2011

3rd Douglas Scouts Bottle Drive Saturday June 25th

Ben and Ethan cooking over a fire
My son Benjamin, age 13 but 6'2" tall, is one of the two Scouts from 3rd Douglas going to the 2011 Provincial Jamboree.   To that end he needs to raise money for the trip and is taking part in a bottle drive.

Scouting is still alive and well and teaches youth leadership, citizenship, outdoor skills and personal development.   They also tend to have a lot of fun doing things and going to places they would otherwise not get a chance to do or go to.

The PJ in BC happens every four years, so it means youth in the Scout section only have a chance to go to one PJ during their time in Scouts.   This is the one chance Ben and Ethan have to go to the PJ.   Part of their personal responsibility to raise at least some of the costs.

If you have any bottles, please drop them off at Scouthouse at 505 Marigold between 9 am and 1 pm on Saturday.

If you want them picked up from your place, call 250-744-0866.

You can also drop them off at the Bottle Depot at 4261 Glanford - you just need to tell them to credit the account of 3rd Douglas Scouts.
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