Tuesday, July 19, 2011

I know I am smarter than this......

On Friday at PJ 2011 I had a chance to go sailing on a Cal 20.  I have avoided going sailing because I know that if I did I would want to buy a sailboat.   I did not make it 6 hours before I started to to look for a sailboat.

Last night Sheila and I went out to look at this 13 foot wooden sailboat in North Saanich.   It is in almost perfect condition.   The man selling it built it himself years ago and did an amazing job.   It is beautiful and has amazing attention to detail.   The pictures do it no justice.

The man that built it used his own design based on an east coast sneak boat.   It has a lateen rigging that is very easy to set up and take down.

The design is one in which it could be used as a sailboat or a kayak.   Reminiscent of the Klepper Faltboots my parents used in the 1950s.   It would be a perfect boat for use in the Gorge.

The price for the boat and trailer - and the boat needs no work to be ready to put in the water - is $550.   No error there with the number of zeros.    This is very affordable, but if I were to get it I do not think I could let the boys sail it as I would be terrified they would get a scratch on it.   The man selling it clearly is charging a low price because his primary interest is that he find a good home for his creation.

I am going to try and resist buying this boat.   Though what do I do if the boys decide to buy it with their own money?
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