Tuesday, July 26, 2011

This could be an interesting meeting.....

Steve Filipovic is calling a meeting for next Thursday at the Vic West Community Centre called "Challenge the Establishment Strategy Meeting".

Steve is looking to come up with a different set of people to run for Victoria City council other than the left or right elites he sees having controlled City Council for too long.

He is focusing on Burnside-Gorge and Vic West, why only those to areas, I have no idea.   I will go along and see what it is all about.

This event is being targeted to those living in the Burnside and Vic-West areas of Victoria.
Regime Change!
57 000 people did not vote for our present municipal government. It is time to unite for real change! Out Grow the Establishment! Every 3 yrs the Chamber of Commerce and the Labour Board, spend $60 000 each to fight over who gets to spend $600 000 000 over the next 3 yrs.
If you feel left out, it is because you are. Stand up to Big Money!
Exercise Your Democracy! Vic West Community Centre Thursday Aug. 4th 7 PM
Strategy Meeting to create Affordable Housing, and
build Accountable Governance – more Respect, less PR!
Real Solutions for the Homeless – No more Bull!
RSVP: SteveFilipovic@hotmail.com or 250-888-2588
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