Friday, September 16, 2011

Brian Tucknott running to be COlwood Mayor

Tucknott announces no tax increases if elected Mayor of Colwood
Affordability and Accountability twin pillars of campaign

September 15, 2011

For immediate release, Victoria, BC

Colwood Councillor Brian Tucknott, a retired airline captain and union leader today announced that he is running for Mayor of Colwood with a pledge of no further municipally generated tax increases if elected.

Colwood is a community of working families and retired people that have been hit hard with over 30% in municipal tax increases in the last three years. The result has been seniors, the unemployed and those on fixed incomes struggling to make ends meet and families both renters and homeowners facing increased housing costs.

“Given the misplaced priorities that have occurred in Colwood, I have consistently voted against these tax increases but have found myself in the minority time after time. Colwood has ignored the financial turmoil facing the world and has acted as though it was immune, giving rise to claims from at least one accountant that Colwood is operationally bankrupt,” said Tucknott.

“It is my hope that as Mayor I will have a working majority of councillors who recognize that government has to live within the means of its taxpayers, many of whom have not seen any increase in their real income in years,” he added.

Tucknott, who prior to becoming an airline captain served as a British Bobby (police officer) also intends to bring much greater fiscal discipline and accountability to Colwood. “For far too many years economic development opportunities have passed our community by as our municipal government has been embroiled in lawsuits and crises of its own making. It is time to bring in a new era of affordability and accountability to Colwood,” declared Tucknott.

”I want a community where seniors and young families can afford to live and where our tax dollars go to providing infrastructure that enhances our community. I want every dollar of taxpayers` money to be properly accounted for so that voters know what it is being spent on and why,” he pledged.

“It is for that reason that I commend the provincial government for wanting to provide an Auditor General for municipal governments through B.C. I have little doubt that an Auditor General would have much to say about what has happened in Colwood,” noted Tucknott.

”A sustainable community cannot just be a green one that caters only to a select few. It must also serve the needs of working families and those seeking employment. We need to make genuine affordable housing a key component of our community and we need to encourage businesses that will broaden our tax base and provide employment opportunities,” he said.

“As Mayor I will represent the entire community not just special interest groups. Every resident deserves equal representation not just those with certain political affiliations or connections. It is for this reason that I ask all residents of Colwood for their vote on November 19th,” Tucknott concluded.

For further information contact Brian Tucknott at (250) 474-8180 or email him at and follow him on Twitter @tucknott4mayor
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