Tuesday, October 25, 2011

The LRT and the local elections

I am actually surprised at how little airplay the LRT is getting in the local elections.   There are a handful candidates in the region that are to some degree or other in favour, even fewer candidates out there are questioning the costs of the LRT.   The vast majority of candidates have nothing to say about the billion dollar LRT.  

When it comes to the public the most common response I am hearing is "It will never happen so there is no need to be concerned about it".   I have not polled on the issue so I have no good data on the public perception of the project.  The LRT will be a question on any polls that I do as part of the Paul Brown campaign.

There remain many issues unaddressed about this LRT plan and an election is the right time to raise them but it seems none of the candidates have read the full report (Rob Wickson may have, but I am not certain on that) or have paid attention to details coming out of that report.  No one seems to be interested in addressing the three primary assumption flaws within the LRT report.
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