Monday, October 24, 2011

Victoria Council FINALLY decides that the Crystal Pool matters

Elections are a great time to get sitting politicians that screwed up to try and fix their mistakes.   Oddly enough the City of Victoria has known about the impending need to deal with the Crystal Pool for about seven years now but has done nothing about planning for the future of the pool until after it was raised as an issue by Open Victoria.

It galls me at the blatant playing of politics with the pool.  

The council has put off their decision on what to do with the pool till 2012.   They are claiming now that they want to keep the pool open but there is still no actual action by council to prepare for that.

It also reminds of the sudden conversion on the road to Damascus of the council about open government.   Close to three years into this council, one that is more or less completely at odds with the idea of open and accountable, suddenly they decide to consider the idea of open government and open data.    Strangely enough this came about shortly after the launch of Open Victoria.

The cynical purely political approach of current council in the last couple of months to issues says to me they should not be governing because they have no understanding of what it takes to be a good government.
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