Tuesday, February 07, 2012

Conversation about Local Governance/Amalgamation

This evening there is a meeting for people in this region to come together and have a conversation about local governance and amalgamation called the Greater Victoria Amalgamation Conversation.

Time 7:00pm
Location:  SJ Willis School 923 Topaz Ave

I am very thankful that new Victoria City Councilor Shellie Gudegeon is taking such a lead on this.   She is working together with Mat Wright, Rod Phillips, Susan Jones and Tamara Hernandez in getting this gathering together.

This being Victoria, it is hard to know what the attendance will be, though I suspect it will be a capacity crowd.   I base that on the latent interest in the issue and how easy I found it to bring 20-30 people together at the drop of a hat in the winter of 2010.

This will not be an evening of speeches from the podium, but more of a chance for people to talk in smaller groups about what the issues, what the concerns are, what the ways forward might be.   The evening is fairly open to allow there to be a very open discussion.

Matt Wright will be posting the results as Victoria Wave and I will post my take on the evening here at some point tomorrow.   Given that there is serious media interest in the evening, I am certain you will see good coverage in the TC and on CFAX on Wednesday.

Please come out and become part of the future of Victoria.
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