Monday, July 30, 2012

150 years ago - notice of coming civic election

From the British Colonist of July 30th 1862
The Civic Election :

Every body is anxious to I know something about the forthcoming election of Mayor and
six Councillors. We have not much space to devote to subject: but we spare enough for a point or two. There are to be three wards in the City of Victoria that is to be.  Each ward is to send two Councillors;
and the voters for the town, at the first election is to elect the .Mayor and Councillors.  The election is to take place under the surveillance of the Sheriff. There is to be one time and one place at which the election is to beheld.  The Mayor and Councillors will be nominated on one day and voted for the next; except where there is no opposition or no poll demanded . The voters at the election are those persons whose names are on the registered list of voters for the election of Representatives for the town. Our readers may consequently prepare themselves for a general canvas.  After the first election, the Councillors will be elected by the voters who are assessed for property in their respective wards. But at the forthcoming election every qualified elector may vote for all the Councillors as well as Mayor. So we understand the bill near becoming law.  As only fourteen days will be allowed after the passage of the bill till law will be made operative, it behooves every body to trot out their Candidates as quickly as possible.
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