Friday, November 23, 2012

Inner Harbour Maps from 1846 to 1949

 I thought it would be interesting to look at the maps of the Inner Harbour of Victoria from 1846 to 1949 so you can see the changes over time.   I am a total geek for maps and love the fact so many of the old ones are now available online.

1846 map of the Inner Harbour - notice fort on the map, also the Gorge was called Condordia Arm
1847 - this is mainly a navigation map, but you can see the buildings of the fort

1862 - the city is now laid out and on the bottom you can see the Bird Cages
By this time we have a bridge over James Bay and a bridge crossing where the Johnson Street Bridge is now

1895 - the railway arrives but other than that I am amazed at how similar this is to the 1862 map

1907 - the big change is that James Bay is filled and there is the CNR wharf on the inner harbour
Upper Harbour in 1907

1921 - the upper harbour area 
1949 - what I find interesting in this map is the expansion of the railways downtown

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