Tuesday, December 04, 2012

2012 Peninsula Co-op refund

In each of the last two years I have looked at our Peninsula Co-op rebate.   Yes, I am a geek when it comes to looking at numbers and things, it is my little obsession.

This year the rebate on fuel purchases was down to 4.2%, last year it was 4.7% and the year before it was 5.1%.   This year we bought $2.138.11 in the gas bars and $16.02 in the food store.   Sheila tried the food store once last winter and was not impressed so we have not been back and really not likely to see any more rebates from the food store even though it is at a higher rate of 5.0%.

Gas Bar Purchases by fiscal year, which is April 1st to March 31st.
2012 $2,138.11
2011 $1,823.96
2010 $2,155.55

It will be interesting to see how the 2013 rebate looks because we no longer have a truck but use a car now.   The car gets better than twice the mileage than the truck did.   My guess is that the amount will be more like $1800.  The drop in 2010 to 2011 was in large part because we went from two vehicles to one.   The rise this year is because I think there are more gas bars to go to so we spend less at other gas stations.

Total Rebate
2012 $90.60 (at the 2010 rate of 5.1% for gas bar, we would be seen it more like $109)
2011 $85.73
2010 $109.93
2009 $65.82

Total Rebate paid out by year
2012 $49.85 - 2.31% of all of our purchases
2011 $47.13 - 2.58% of all of our purchases
2010 $59.00 - 2.74% of all of our purchases
2009 $32.91 (we do not seem to have redeemed this yet)

Total current ownership of Co-op after we spend our rebate
2012 $183.31
2011 $138.01
2010 $95.14
2009 $40.71

In three more years we will see our first preferred shares paid out, though the first year is not much.   In December of 2016 we will see a preferred share pay out of $54.97

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