Monday, December 03, 2012

A Small Act of Kindness at Christmas

This is an online exchange I saw this morning.    The Scouts in this region sell trees every year at the Canadian Tire on Admirals as a fundraiser for Camp Barnard.    This is a story from the other day:

XXXXXXX and I just started this afternoon with Christmas Tress when in walks a gentleman who is interested in what a red or green tree looks like, he likes the red trees (who can blame him).
Well he says "I want to buy 10 red trees and I want you to give them away. "
He goes on as he counts out $500 and continues "I have two philosophies in life. First, it's not what you get from life, it's what you give. And his second philosophy is because of the movie, The Bucket List. When you go to heaven, there are two questions that you are asked.
1) were you happy, and
2) what did you do to bring joy to others?"

He said that since he has adopted this approach to life that his life is full and bountiful.
He made XXXXXXX cry :). An truly generous man!

What a way to start Christmas tree sales.

The spirit of giving is truly alive

From later in the online comments when some asked what happened to the trees:
Many of them went to very special families ... A single mom with 2 kids (she cried and gave XXXX a big hug), a woman who just had everything stolen, a couple that were going to use their grocery money to get a tree, a couple with 2 little ones, excited about finally owning their first home, a couple with their new baby for her first Christmas ... It also inspired others to donate. What a day of good feelings!

someone else asked:
 it is normal people donating trees?

the answer:
If you mean people who can afford it, yes. And some of those who could barely afford their own trees and accepted the "free" tree, then donated some toward Scouts. So, we actually ended up with about $160 in extra donations yesterday.

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