Thursday, August 08, 2013

More interest in 2014 municipal elections

After posting about people already planning for the 2014 municipal elections yesterday, I have heard some more information.

A group that I thought might be considering what to do with respect to the 2014 election in the City of Victoria is meeting this afternoon doing that.

I had a couple more people tell me via social media that they are interested in trying for one of the local councils in 2014.   I have also had one person tell me they might try to run for school board.   People are thinking about this earlier than ever before.

Without being to specific and naming names, I think I am seeing the following possible slates actively running in the City of Victoria in 2014

  • A left of centre slate and I mean on the left side of the NDP
  • A centrist greenish and mildly business friendly slate
  • A pure Green slate
  • A slate seeking to make the City of Victoria more transparent
  • A business slate

I am most certain about the left wing slate and as I understand it they are actively seeking council candidates.   I am not sure where this slate sits with the establishment NDP circles in town and even if it could get the Labour Council endorsement.

My best knowledge of any possible pro-business slate is that it is like herding cats.   The big local egos are not willing to play nice with each other as far as I can tell.   I also believe that many of the business community intend to back the mayor in his re-election.

If we have two or three slates in the City of Victoria with their names on the ballot, it will be interesting to see what happens in the election and how the votes split out.  

Meanwhile in View Royal a friend asked me to go for coffee next week and talk about a run for council.   She would be an interesting addition to any council.
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