Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Social Media in the Saanich Council Race

It is the social media age so how well are the candidates in Saanich doing?   Not that well

Facebook "likes" or members
Colin Plant     618
Fred Haynes     250
Vicki Sanders   243
Richard Atwell  209
Shawn Newby     185
David Shebib     98 - running for mayor in 13 municipalities
Marsha Henderson 65

Colin Plant is the leader on Facebook but 618 "likes" is not a large number of people.

The following candidates do not have campaign Facebook pages and use their personal/professional profiles in the election
Judy Brownoff
Susan Brice
Paul Gerrard
Frank Leonard
Rebecca Mersereau
Dean Murdock

The following candidates have no Facebook presence I am aware of
Vic Derman
Nicola Wade
Leif Wergeland

Twitter Stats
Candidate    followers following tweets recent activity?
Frank Leonard  3,562     1,353   13,673  yes
Dean Murdock     869       834    1,214  2 days ago
Vicki Sanders    420       485      572  yes
Richard Atwell   243       474      280  yes
Colin Plant      129       152      226  yes
Rebecca Mersereau 81       271       61  yes
Susan Brice       73        48        7  no
Shawn Newby       59        87       77  yes
Marsha Henderson  33        32       35  4 days ago
Paul Gerrard      30        53        2  no
Fred Haynes       17        11        5  no

Mayor Frank Leonard is a regular twitter user and has been so for sometime, so it is not a surprise that he way out ahead everyone else.

This is a link to a Twitter list of all the Saanich candidates

Candidates that do not seem to have Twitter accounts
Judy Brownoff
Vic Derman
David Shebib
Nicola Wade
Leif Wergelund

Overall, three of the current council are functionally not using social media -  Vic Derman, Nicola Wade and Leif Wergelund
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