Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Victoria Council Candidate Margaret Lucas has very diverse supporters

So far I have never seen a group of people on Facebook come out in an unsolicited way like this in support for one candidate.   Margaret Lucas has a very diverse group of people that like her.

What I find very interesting is that both Susan Brice and Lynn Hunter back Margaret.  Susan Brice was the BC Liberal MLA for Saanich South from 2001-2005 and was the Social Credit candidate in the 1989 Oak Bay Gordon Head by-election.  Lynn Hunter was the NDP MP for Saanich Gulf Islands from 1988 to 1993.

Here is the Facebook posting:

Inform yourself for the City of Victoria election - One page with lots of links and all the info you need ‪#‎yyj‬
Victoria BC is an interesting city off of the coast of BC. I think it has everything to be one of the great cities on earth other than the public will to be the best.
  • Robert Randall I have met Margaret Lucas; she manages the Hotel Rialto. Smart business person, knows a lot about issues and downtown and would be a good fit on council in the style of Bea Holland and Helen Hughes.
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  • Susan Brice I agree with you Robert. Margaret Lucas would make a great addition to council
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  • Lori King yes i concur
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  • Bernard von Schulmann I should go have a coffee with her given the people that are recommending her
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  • Susan Brice I first met her when we served together on the Coalition to End Homelessness and then working in the downtown are myself for the past 5 years I had occasion to see her working positively on downtown economic issues.
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  • Lori King yes, i knew her through chamber of commerce, believe she was a director there, maybe a chair but she was always very pleasant and very sharp lady
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  • Lynn Hunter Been trying to get her to run for years.
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  • Bernard von Schulmann Interesting the support for Margaret Lucas - a former BC Liberal MLA as well as a former NDP MP backing her
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