Wednesday, November 05, 2014

2014 Victoria Labour Council Local Election Endorsements

Anyone running for local government in the CRD can apply to the Victoria Labour Council for their endorsement.   If you do not apply, you do not get considered.  The whole process is outlined at the bottom of the page

Here are the 19 endorsements

Central Saanich
Zeb King

Gordie Logan

John Ducker for mayor
Olga Liberchuk

Grant McLachlan

Anne Richmond

Oak Bay
Michelle Kirby
Jan Mears

Judy Brownoff
Colin Plant

Dean Fortin for mayor
Marianne Alto
Erik Kaye
Ben Isitt
Jeremy Loveday 
John Luton
Pam Madoff

SD#62 Sooke - Belmont Zone
Ravi Parmar
Jan Peever

Here is the whole process as taken from the VLC website:
• The VLC shall strike a Municipal Election Committee (MEC)
• Members of the MEC shall be appointed by the affiliates.
• The MEC will oversee the endorsement process, including the creation of a questionnaire for candidates seeking endorsement, the interview panel and the final recommendations for endorsement.
• Candidates interested in seeking endorsement shall be required to fill out and return the questionnaire. The MEC will create a list of candidates to be interviewed.
• The interview panel will be appointed by the affiliates, and special consideration will be given to affiliates that have a direct bargaining relationship with local governments.
• The interview panel with interview candidates that have applied for endorsement and will circulate its recommendations to the MEC.
• The MEC will review and approve these recommendations and present them to the general membership committee of the VLC for final approval.
• The MEC and interview panel shall operate on a consensus basis, as much as possible.
• The proposed list of endorsements shall be present to a general membership meeting of the VLC for ratification.
• The general meeting has the right to strike names from the endorsement list. However, names may not be added to the list of endorsed candidates by the general meeting.
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