Friday, November 07, 2014

From Lori King - Why I am supporting re-electing Barb Desjardins in Esquimalt

Another candidate endorsement, this time from Lori King of Esquimalt:

I’m happy to write an endorsement for Barb Desjardins for Mayor of Esquimalt,  I have never seen Esquimalt managed so well, and so fairly as it has been under Barbs leadership, having worked in area, volunteered, and as a resident Barbs ability to communicate, cooperate, and listen to needs in community is a refreshing in an area made up of such frustrating challenges regionally.  I hear from business associates and others in region about how highly they regard Barb and the pleasure of working with her on projects, it’s great to hear Esquimalt so proudly represented in our region.  Being mayor in this region you walk a fine balance between community needs, and regional cooperation, Barb showed remarkable grace in trying times with sewage issue, but yet still worked hard to come up with a possible solution with other forward thinking mayors in region in westshore.

I look forward to Esquimalt being so well represented for another term.  (think it’s 4 years now with new changes?)


Lori King
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