Thursday, November 06, 2014

How can you stand out in the election? Be fun and innovative

What these signs show is that people can fun with elections.  It  shows that Colin Plant can think outside the box so he can stand out from the crowd.  

It shows that he does have people willing to help his campaign because he did inspire the artists to put in the energy and make the signs.

It is a very intelligent way for him to highlight his belief in the importance of the arts.

Here are 7 of the signs

For Halloween he modified some of his signs once again showing that he has a sense of humour

Meanwhile one of the candidates in Victoria went for minimalist handmade signs.    It is not uncommon to see people made crude handmade signs for the campaign, but this really is at bottom end.   Not much effort shown here.   As nice as the guy is, I could not vote for him because he is not willing to put in the effort to get elected.
This is a sign for Ryan Moen in Victoria - it is complete opposite of his website
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