Sunday, February 01, 2015

State of the 2015 Federal Election on Vancouver Island

Vancouver Island rises from 6 MPs to 7 MPs with the redistribution but we are still significantly underrepresented.  We now have as many MPs as Newfoundland and Labrador though 260,000 more people.  In fact Vancouver Island has more people than New Brunswick now though they get 10 MPs.

We have four incumbents running again
John Duncan Conservative - MP 1993-2006, 2008 to current - running in Courtnay Alberni
Randall Garrison NDP - MP since 2011 - running in Esquimalt-Saanich-Sooke
Elizabeth May Green - MP since 2011 - running in Saanich Gulf Islands
Murray Rankin NDP - MP since 2012 - running in Victoria

Retiring are:
Jean Crowder NDP - Nanaimo Cowichan - MP since 2004
James Lunney CPC - Nanaimo Alberni - MP since 2000

Current nominations
Party     Total   Incumbents
        Nominated Nominated
Cons        2        1/2 - one incumbent not running
Greens      5        1/1
Libs        2        0/0
Libertarian 2        0/0
NDP         6        2/3 - one incumbent not running

What it seems like to me is that Vancouver Island is becoming very much an NDP and Green race with pockets of Conservatives.   What is most surprising is how far behind the Liberals are on so many levels.    
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