Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Tremblay tries again for Metchosin seat

Metchosin resident Larry Tremblay will be adding his name to the Nov. 15 municipal election’s ballot.

In the 2005 election, Tremblay was just shy of gaining a seat at the council table.

“I was fifth out of 13 candidates,” said Tremblay, who was president of the Metchosin Residents’ Association for three years. He stepped down from the MRA after announcing his candidacy for Metchosin.

For the past six years Tremblay has been attending council meetings.

“The first thing I want to see done is the official community plan,” Tremblay said. “It is something that needs to be upgraded every five years.”

If elected Tremblay said he will support secondary suites and detached suites, but not both types on one property.

“It is an affordable way to accommodate families, elderly parents and younger people in Metchosin,” Tremblay said. “Everybody needs a home to live.”

Tremblay is not a supporter of the boundary restructure between the District and East Sooke. He feels joining the two communities would not benefit Metchosin residents.

One issue he feels strongly about is mending relationships between the District and the other communities in the West Shore. “The big thing is to get all of the municipalities working together more,” Tremblay said.

Tremblay has lived on the West Shore for 30 years and owned property in Metchosin for 20 years.

“I like the country atmosphere and space,” Tremblay said.

The volunteerism attitude found in Metchosin is one thing Tremblay admires about his community.

“There are hundreds of volunteers here and that is what makes (Metchosin) function,” Tremblay said.

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