Friday, October 10, 2008

City of Victoria Candidate List

Hello there all

Here is the link for the final list of candidates in the city of Victoria.

Eight people running for mayor - EIGHT people! Madness, pointless madness. Beyond Dean Fortin and Rob Reid, the only new name on the list that i sone I can see doing a lot of active campaigning is Steve Filipovic. Steve is a member of the Greens but I am not certain he is on the ballot as a Green, I am sure I will hear one way or the other shortly.

35 people for council - a bunch of people that said they were running are not, and suddenly a bunch of people come out of the woodwork. It is a long list and I am not sure how most of them are going expect to be noticed if they have not been actively campaigning already.

I am going to see what I can find out about people over the next week.
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