Friday, October 10, 2008

Coffee with some candidates

Busy week, busy weekend, flu and more is all in my life, so I will keep this short and sweet.

This morning I had a coffee with Simon Nattrass, he is no longer running for mayor but for council. He may be young, but I am impressed with his intelligence, analysis, common sense and general understanding of the city. I will be voting for him. Take the risk and vote for him for council.

Susan Woods and I met for coffee in the early afternoon. I do not need to run for council as long as she is running. Our vision of where Victoria needs to go is very similar, our understanding of why the city could be great and the flaws we currently have are in sync. I am voting for her.

I would say more about both of them, but for the moment this is all I have time for.

If you notice on the sidebar, I have 9 names for council. I know I can only vote for eight and I am not telling you which eight. I would be happy to see all the people on the list elected.

I will be getting all the lists and looking for other more information out there.
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