Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Federal Election in Esquimalt Juan de Fuca


Keith Martin is running for the Liberals for third time. He has squeaked in with small margins in that last two elections. I will admit that he seems to have a better ground campaign this time maybe the party has found a good campaign manager for him. Based on the CTV/Globe battleground ridings and some rumours I have heard about polling in the riding, it sounds like he is running at 25% to 30% of the vote.

Troy Desouza for the Conservatives is doing well. He campaign has more people on the ground than the others and has a strong core of younger motivated volunteers. He has an upper had with E-day and with the door knocking. This is worth five to ten percent in an election and should be enough to give him the win. Once again those polling numbers put him in the 30% to 35% range.

Jennifer Burgis of the NDP is running a very strong campaign, stronger than Keith Martin. She has a strong set of volunteers, but I do not see the strength I had expected to see from her in people I talk to in the riding. Also worrisome is some of the polling numbers, the NDP numbers in the battleground ridings is down and the rumours of the internal polling in the riding seems to indicate that Jennifer is a distant third.

Brian Gordon of the Greens - there is not much I can say about him or his campaign because I see so little evidence of it. There are some signs out there, but not a lot.

There are two other candidates in the running. Philip Ney as an independent and running on some sort of anti-European takeover of Canada platform? He has signs out there but no website that I can find. I have no idea what he wants or why.

Brad Rhodes is running for the Canada Action Party. I am not a fan of being negative and try to find positive things to say about people and criticize measurable things, but I personally have no time for anything the Canada Action Party stands for. Brad is actively campaigning and is getting signs up.
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